The International Society for the Study of Character Assassination (ISSCA) is a nonprofit scientific, educational, and non-ideological organization with the following purposes:

A. To facilitate communication of scientific research, theory, and practice concerning character assassination across disciplinary boundaries.

B. To expand a community of scholars and practitioners who have scientific and practical interests in examining the phenomenon of character assassination and defamation.

C. To provide mutual support among members of with regard to their freedom to generate and disseminate their findings and ideas.

Current research on character assassination is the first of its kind and we invite all to take part in and further explore the groundbreaking new topic of character assassination. Whether you’re an academic or someone who is curious about the subject, discussion, feedback, and observations of your own are welcome and highly encouraged.

4 Responses to About

  1. South Africa has circles bent on character assassination the following are victims of character assassination Winnie Mandela Jacob Zuma to. Name the few

  2. Excuse me, I’d like to send you the stuff about “character assassination” against a celebrity …. how can I contact you?

  3. Dr.Eric Shiraev says:

    Dr.Eric Shiraev eshiraev@gmu.edu

  4. Dr. Shiraev , you do have examined the material I sent you long ago email ? Do you remember?

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