Further Reading: Antiquity

The following is a list of academic studies dealing with character assassination. More readings will be posted, so be sure to check often.

Readings involving character assassination in ancient times:

  • Booth, Joan (ed.), Cicero on the Attack: Invective and Subversion in the Orations and Beyond (Swansea 2007)
  • Edwards, Catherine, The Politics of Immorality in Ancient Rome (Cambridge 1993)
  • Elsner, Jaś & J. Masters (eds.), Reflections of Nero: Culture, History, & Representation (London 1994)
  • Flower, Harriet I., The Art of Forgetting: Disgrace & Oblivion in Roman Political Culture (Chapel Hill 2006)
  • Icks, Martijn, The Crimes of Elagabalus: The Life and Legacy of Rome’s Decadent Boy Emperor (London 2011)
  • Koster, Severin, Die Invektive in der griechischen und römischen Literatur (Meisenheim am Glan 1980)
  • Ramage, Edwin S., ‘Denigration of predecessors under Claudius, Galba, and Vespasian’, Historia 32 (1983) 201-214
  • Sluiter, Ineke & Ralph M. Rosen (eds.), KAKOS: Badness and Anti-Value in Classical Antiquity (Leiden 2008)
  • Sommer, Michael, ‘Elagabal – Wege zur Konstruktion eines “schlechten” Kaisers’, Scripta Classica Israelica. Yearbook of the Israel Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies 23 (2004) 95-110
  • Varner, Eric, Mutilation and Transformation: Damnatio Memoriae and Roman Imperial Portraiture (Leiden 2004)
  • Winterling, Aloysius, Caligula. Eine Biographie (2nd edition; Munich 2007)
  • Zinsli, Samuel, ‘Gute Kaiser, schlechte Kaiser. Die eusebische Vita Konstantini als Referenztext für die Vita Heliogabali’, Wiener Studien 118 (2005) 117-138

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