Further Reading: Early Modern

The following is a list of academic studies dealing with character assassination. More readings will be posted, so be sure to check often.

Readings involving character assassination in the early modern period:

Early modern: period of history following the late middle ages. Period from around 1500-1800 AD.

  • Burrows, Simon, ‘British propaganda and anti-Napoleonic feeling in the invasion crisis of 1803’, in: Margarette Lincoln (ed.), Nelson & Napoléon (London 2005) 125-130
  • Burrows, Simon, Blackmail, Scandal and Revolution: London’s French (Manchester 2006)
  • Clerc, Cathérine, La Caricature contre Napoléon (Paris 1985)
  • Dunn, Susan, The Deaths of Louis XVI: Regicide and the French Political Imagination (Princeton 1994)
  • Dupuy, Pascal, Face à la Révolution et l’Empire: Caricatures anglaises (1789-1815) (Paris 2008)
  • Groll, Karin, Das „Passional Christi und Antichristi“ von Lucas Cranach d. Ä. (Frankfurt am Main 1990)
  • Mathis, Hans Peter (ed.), Napoleon I. im Spiegel der Karikatur (Zürich 1998)
  • Mathews, Nieves, Francis Bacon: The History of a Character Assassination (New Haven, Conn. 1996)
  • Walton, Charles, Policing Public Opinion in the French Revolution: the Culture of Calumny and the Problem of Free Speech (New York 2009)

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