The Iron Duke

“Our Devil, who doth in Brussels dwell / Cursed be thy name in heaven and in hell”, was one of the many slurs against the Duke of Alba, the general sent to the Netherlands by the Spanish King Philip II (r. 1556-1598) to crush the Dutch Revolt. Heavy taxation and the suppression of Protestantism had caused resentment against Spanish rule in these northern regions of the Empire.

From 1567 to 1573, Alba tried to restore order, besieging rebellious cities and executing thousands of people – among them the Counts of Egmont and Horn. His ruthless rule earned him the nickname the Iron Duke. Alba became the target of fierce character attacks by Dutch rebels, who spread posters, pamphlets and even coins depicting him as a vain, bloodthirsty tyrant, a lackey of the Pope and a depraved man, with one picture showing him kissing the Whore of Babylon.


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