King Pearhead

La Caricature 5La Caricature was a satirical journal in nineteenth-century France. Set up by the artist Charles Philipon, it provided biting comments on the worlds of arts and politics. First and foremost among its victims was King Louis Philippe, invariably portrayed with a ludicrous pear-shaped head. In fact, attacks on the monarch became so vicious that Philipon was jailed and his journal forced to cease publication after just five years, although it would later rise from the ashes. When it came to fighting for the “right to insult”, La Caricature was at the forefront.


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• Robert Justin Goldstein, Censorship of Political Caricature in Nineteenth-Century France (Kent, OH 1989)
• David Kerr, Caricature and French Political Culture 1830-1848: Charles Philipon and the Illustrated Press (Oxford 2000)

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