Here, you can find references to weblinks concerning character assassination.

Character Assassination Facebook Page

The Facebook page of the International Society for the Study of Character Assassination provides regular updates about character assassination in the international news, announces interesting publications and events, links to online articles and provides short introductions to historical cases of character attacks.

Defamation (Wikipedia article)

This extensive Wikipedia article mostly treats defamation from a legal perspective.

Negative campaigning (Wikipedia article)

An extensive Wikipedia article on mudslinging in politics, including a list of notable examples from various countries.

The Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials, 1952-2008

On this website, you can stream both Republican and Democratic TV ads for the US presidential elections from 1952 to 2008. A short explanation places each commercial in its historical context.

Complete Campaigns: Negative campaigning, by William S. Bike

Complete Campaigns is an organization that provides web-based services for people running political campaigns. In this article from their Campaign Guide, William Bike discusses the pros and cons of “going negative”.

Defamation Watch: Defamation Cases in Australia and around the World

This website focuses on defamation law in Australia, but also discusses cases from other countries.